3 EDC Fire Starters Under $15

EDC stands for everyday carry. These are items, gear, or clothing that you're wearing all the time. Today we're looking at EDC gear that can start fires. 

The Adjustable Paracord Bracelet

The buckle of this bracelet has a striker while the other end has a ferro rod. In a pinch you can use this bracelet as a ferro rod.

  • Over 10 feet of 550 pound strength paracord.
  • An emergency bear whistle on the buckle.
  • A durable Fire Starter flint.
  • A Knife which can be used to strike the fire flint, or cut small objects.
  • 9 inches around 
  • 10 inches long (buckle adds an inch).


Survival Grenade or EDC Keychain

These two EDC kits have a lot of the same items. The main difference is that you can easily open and close the pill holder on the keychain. The Paracord however, needs to be re-wrapped if you want to use it as a kit. 

  • Fishing line
  • Hooks
  • Weights
  • Floaters
  • Sinkers
  • Swivels
  • Eye knife
  • Cotton tinder
  • Fire starter rod

$12.99 Parcord or $14.99 Bottle

Credit Card Tool

While the Tactical Credit Card tool has a scraper for creating sparks, it's also got a magnifying glass which can start a fire for you without all the grease.


Having a a piece of EDC gear with you that can start fires, might be the one thing that keeps you alive when you're stranded in the woods and the sun starts to set. 

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