15 Survival Hacks You Can Do With WD-40

Outside of Duct Tape, I don't know any single item that has more uses than WD-40. A bottle of this stuff can be used to make a flame thrower or to repair old tools.

The WD stands for water displacement; meaning that it is a degreaser. It is also classified as a penetrating oil.

Penetrating oil, also known as penetrating fluid, is very low-viscosity oil. It can be used to free rusted mechanical parts (such as nuts and bolts) so that they can be removed because it can penetrate into the narrow space between the threads of two parts. It can also be used as a general-purpose lubricant, a cleaner, or a corrosion stopper. Using penetrating fluids as general-purpose lubricants is not advisable because such oils are relatively volatile. As a result, much of the penetrating oil will evaporate in a short amount of time, leaving little residual lubricant.

However, if you're off the grid and you don't want your squeeaky hinges attracting curious ears, it will work just fine.

15 Survival Hacks You Can Do With WD-40

1. Rust Remover for older tools

A small coat on the head of an old hammer will protect and rejuvenate.

2. Rejuvenate Handles

Rub down wooden handles to prevent wood splitting and splinters from forming.

3. Batoning Wood

A few sprays on an old knife or machete blade will help the blade cut through wood more smoothly.

4. Wasp Nests

WD-40 is a wasp repellent. If you have reoccurring infestations spray the area and it will deter them from returning.

5. Fire Starter

Get some cotton balls nice and drenched in WD-40 and you will have a long lasting fire starter.

6. Blow Torch


Create a flame thrower with a range of up to 5 feet for self defense.

7. Remove a Wedding Ring


If you're in a situation where you hurt your finger, you need to get your ring off before it starts to swell up. If you can't twist it off, try to get some WD-40 on the inside of the ring and it will slide off.

8. Decal Remover

Removing stickers and decals from your car can be a pain because there is often some residual adhesive that sticks to your car. But if you peel a corner off and shoot some of this on the underside, it will remove the sticker with ease.

9. Preserve Gardening Tools

Using WD-40 on your gardening tools before you store them will help protect them from rust.

10. Greasy Hands

If your hands are slippery and greasy a shot of this will cut right through it.

11. Lubricate Locks and Hinges

Padlocks in the outdoors can build up dirt and rust. Keep locks and hinges clicking smoothly by dousing them once in awhile.

12. Zippers

Bug out bags and tents have zippers you need to rely on. But zippers can clog and break over time. Keep them protected by spraying a little WD-40 inside and they will last a lot longer.

13. Tailgates

After your tailgate starts squeaking it'll eventually start to click until one day it stops working alltogether. Keep your tailgate joints lubed.

14. Dissolves Sap

Getting sap off of your hood or windshield is impossible with soap and water, but it comes right off with a shot of WD-40.

15. Protect Cutting Tools

Cutting tools like hand saws can be rejuvenated with a good coat.

Check out the video below for the survival hacks that didn't make the list.

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