12 Apps for the Modern Day Survivalist

In todays day and age, if you're on the grid you more than likely have a smart phone. On that phone, you have apps that can act as tools, which can be very helpful in closing the gap to the vital information you need to survive. Even an experienced prepper or outdoor adventurer can find value in the use of a smart phone. You can easily gain access to a GPS, compass, etc. which can be downloaded to your smart phone in less than a minute and in many cases, for free.

1. BootPrint Pocket Survival

This handy app will record the exact location your last signal was picked up with your phone. Perfect for any kind of situation where you might need service, the BootPrint Pocket Survival app will provide you the capability to call home or help. It uses your phones built in compass to guide you the way back so that you don’t have to mess with maps.

2. First Aid by American Red Cross App

Still not certified in first aid? Need to brush-up or to learn some of the basic skills? The First Aid by American Red Cross app is perfectly structured in a manner that your first aid skills can be easily learned and executed if an emergency situation were to ever arise. It includes example videos as well as step-by-step instructions for many emergency (pool drownings, choking, heart attacks) and survival situations.

3. Weatherbug

This app will keep you up to date in real-time for your local weather. Weatherbug an essential app for power outages due to natural disasters and more. It’s complete with push notification alerts, real-time data and interactive maps.

4. MyNature Animal Tracks

There are a number of tracking apps that can be extremely helpful when trying to identify tracks and types of animals that are in your current area of location. MyNature Animal Tracks app is by far the most comprehensive animal tracking app out there. It’s compiled with a database for front and hind animal feet, track/gait patterns, scat identification, animal calls, range maps and more.

5. Army Survival Guide

This app comes straight out of the army’s manuals which includes things like avoiding enemy captivity and fighting off rabid animals, however, the Army Survival Guide app is also extremely useful for other situations as it shows you survival techniques such as constructing a makeshift shelter in terrible conditions, killing and dressing your next game kill, making your own soap and more.

6. SAS Survival Guide

The SAS Survival Guide app very well could be the best and only app you would ever need while it covers everything from making fires and camps to foraging and surviving even in the most extreme of conditions with thoroughly written and detailed instructions and tutorials. It includes a number of tools such as the text-to-morse encoder and a sun compass. Practice makes perfect. The SAS Survival Guide app includes video, photo galleries and a 100+ question quiz to keep you on your toes with your survivalist skills learned. One of the best things about the SAS app is that it requires no internet connection to be used which means I can use this for when I really need it in SHTF situations.

7. Emergency Radio (Police Scanner) 

A perfect app for civil unrest or catastrophe with mass disorder and confusion. The Emergency Radio app is an award-winning police scanner app which offers the most extensive database of live police, EMS, fire, air traffic, train, NOAA weather, coast guard, HAM radio and even more frequencies. The ‘Nearby’ button on the app is used to find frequencies near your current location using GPS. Tune in to anything from local frequencies to the LAPD or FDNY and more.

8. Google Drive

What are you without a copy of your passport, ID, social security card, escape routes and important documents? Keep everything backed up and safe with a document safekeeping app like Google Drive. You can keep the hard copies safe and tucked away, but as well have access to everything safely and securely to use at any point in time with Google Drive.

9. Knots 3D

If you haven’t already started learning your basic survival knots(put link to previous knots article here), you can begin now or refine and practice your skills with the Knots 3D app. This app will teach you how to make any kind of knot with step-by-step 3D instructions. Learn about which knots are good for alternate situations as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

10. Wild Edibles App

For that time with SHTF, the zombies arrive and you have no food or resources. Wild Edibles app will provide information on plants you locate in your area and their capability to provide for you as a source of food with over 200 wild plant’s descriptions, photos and more. You can filter by region, season and plant attributes. It is also compiled with an interface designed to show you how to harvest and cook the plants while foraging with instructions and over 100 different recipes from the app’s edibles cookbook.

11. Smart Compass

An excellent and easy-to-use compass for any survivalist, camper or hiker that doesn’t want to constantly gaze down at his compass. The Smart Compass app allows you to intuitively follow with easy with its augmented reality display. All you have to do is hold your smart phone up to the horizon while the real-time video from your camera is overlaid with a compass heading to give you a landmark to walk to without having to constantly re-check your orientation.

12. FEMA’s App

This free app comes from FEMA itself and has lots of useful features. You can even use your phone to “report a disaster” as they call it. The only worry I have is whether or not they will track you post-collapse. Being found after it hits may or may not be what you want, depending on the circumsances.

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