DIY Wood Gas Stove: 10 Steps to a Survival Stove

What is a wood gas stove?

It's simple, normal campfires burn from the bottom up while a wood gas stove burns from the top down. Holes punched in the two cans create a chamber of heated air and a second phase of combustion, resulting in a more efficient flame. 

If you're in a survival situation, or you're camping and your gas stove sputters out, here's what you can do to cook your food.

Materials Needed:

#1 Remove lid from larger can keeping the rim in tact

#2 Trace the smaller can onto the lid of the larger can you just removed

#3 Punch holes and use tin snips to remove the center of the larger can lid

#4 Place newly cut lid back onto the large can

#5 Punch two rows of offset holes around the bottom of the large can and then drill them with your 3/8" drill bit

#6 In the smaller can make two rows of 3/8" holes around the bottom of the can approximately 12 holes all together and about 16 small punch holes around the top of the small can

#7 Drill a series of 1/8" holes in the bottom of the small can

#8 Insert small can into larger can

#9 Add pencil sized wood for fuel, cotton tinder to help flame burn down and then kindling on top. Ignite. 

#10 Once your fuel is lit, add your pot rest and you're good to go!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on making an easy wood gasifier stove! Check out the full video by The Outdoor Adventure below!



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  • Survivor Rick on

    Hey Heath, the link you posted doesn’t work. I’m always looking for ways to DIY survival gear. Feel free to share your channel in the comments.

  • Heath Putnam on

    I worked on an optimized design based on the two can method. It has a flame temp at the pot of up to 1500F. Can boil water in 6-7 minutes and is smokeless. Here is a build video I posted on YouTube… Thanks!

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