EMP Prepping: What To Do After Blackout

We've already discussed how you can prepare yourself for an EMP before it happens, so now we're going to cover what happens after the lights go out.

An electromagnetic pulse is different than the aftermath of a tornado, hurricane, tsunami or wild fire because in those disasters, the lights will come back on and eventually an emergency crew will help the people who weren't prepared.

After an EMP, the lights will not come back on.  That means no rescue chopper, no ambulance, and no emergency food relief. When people say "SHTF" - this is what they mean.

What to do after the black out

1. Hunker down, don't bug out

If you've taken care of the basics and stored a few gallons of drinking water, food that won't go bad, and have a way to sustain yourself for at least a week, then don't get stuck in the fleeing masses. Here are 4 reasons not to bug out right away. Use your gas stove to cook up any meats in your freezer. Once these hit room temperature they will start to grow bacteria and go bad.  Cook up what you can, and eat that before running into your prepping reserves.

2. Help others

When any disaster happens, most people won't be prepared. Doing basic first aid on those who need it most will save lives.  Protecting yourself and your family should be a priority, but helping your community is important too.  Someone you help today might be the one saving your butt somewhere down the road. How to treat gashes and gun shot wounds.

3. Fortify 

Make sure that you've got your entrances and exits planned out.  A hungry, angry mob won't stop at a security door.  This might be a good time to strategically position your firearms so they can be accessed immediately if needed. Here are 8 more tips to fortify your home. Keep in mind that your alarm system's electronics and automatic door locks will no longer work so you're going to need to secure your windows and doors the old fashion way - hammers, nails, and boards. If you do interact with others, don't make it clear that you've prepped and have food.  Word will spread and your home will be seen as a food court with locked doors.

How long should you stay hunkered down?

Every situation is different, but you can bet that the first 10 days will be the worst when it comes to people trying to escape for greener pastures. Katrina refugees were still being raped and murdered up to a week after the hurricane due to the lack of law.

If you're in the city or suburbs, eventually your food supply will run out.  You'll need to find fresh water and fresh food to cook. Which we'll cover in the next EMP Prepping article. EMP Prepping: When should you bug out.

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