$25 Gas Station Bug Out?

Let's say you're in a situation where you need to get out of town but you don't have your bug out bag, and you don't have much cash.

Today we'll show you what to get at your local 711 or gas station when you've only got $25.

The 25 Dollar Bug Out Plan

1. Gallon Jug of Water - Obviously water is important for drinking and washing, but you'll also get a canteen.

2. Clorox Bleach - Just 8 drops of this per gallon will purify your water. 1/2 teaspoon can purify 5 gallons of water. Bleach can also treat poison oak and foot fungus.

3. Motor Oil - This can help you get a fire started in the worst conditions. You can also build long lasting torches and flares.

4. Lighter - These are very cheap and very handy. Not just for fire starting, but for singing threads and cauterizing wounds as well.

5. Toilet Paper - You'll need a good roll of TP until you can find an area with dry leaves.

6. Trash Bags - Essential for preserving food and acting as a container.  Also can be used as a rain poncho or as a water collection device.

Food Items

7. Can of Pork and Beans - The tin can be used to make a hobo stove and the beans have good protein.  You can also use it as bait.

8. Peanut Butter Bars - These are also a good source of protein, and can be used as fishing bait.

If you have the means to get better equipment then you should do so, but this just shows you that you will be able to get by until you've established a camp for yourself and made some tools to hunt, fish, forage and collect insects.

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  • thmountaingirl on

    Good advice cheep easy I would include some line and a fishing card

  • JImmallin on

    I could use the $25 gas card.

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