Quiz: Which One of These Can Be Used As Natural Sun Screen?

If you're ever in a survival situation where you're stranded on a coast, you're going to need to make sure you don't get a sun burn.  If you turn into a Red Lobster on your first day survival, you're going to have a rough time. 

Thankfully the ocean is packed with natural sun screen. 

Which one of these 3 works as sun protection for your skin?

A) Fish Poop

B) Sea Weed

C) Mushroom Coral

You'd be surprised at how many people said A.

The correct answer is Mushroom Coral.

The Mushroom Coral will secrete mucous when it starts drying out in the sun in order to protect itself.  The same mucous can be drained and rubbed on your skin in order to not get a sun burn.

When you're done, just toss it back into the ocean.  It's like a self replenishing bottle of sun screen.

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