Self Defense: How to Fight Off Multiple Attackers

There are a lot of self defense videos out there that teach you what to do if you're attacked by a single person. Unfortunately, the reality is that if you get attacked or mugged in the street, your attacker will have a friend or two nearby. 

Here's a peak at how using a few basic Muay Thai techniques can save your butt from muggers.

How to fight off multiple attackers using a clinch

1. Use a Muay Thai Clinch

Grab the back of your opponents head, pressing your elbows into their chest. When your opponent pushes back you can use their weight to swing them around.

2. Use the person as a barrier

Now that you have one attacker in the clinch, you can move them around, keeping them between you and the other guy that's swinging for the fences. Continue blasting them with knees to the body and head while using them as a human shield.

3. Use legs and knees to strike the other attacker

If you see an opening, you can kick or knee the other attacker before moving the clinched attacker in front of them again.

It's important to practice your clinch, or take a Muay Thai course that will show you how you can practice this for a few minutes every day to be a complete Muay Thai self defense badass.

With a proper clinch, you'll be able to win any fight. Even for a seasoned fighter like Rich Franklin, the Muay Thai clinch is devastating.

You don't need to know hundreds of moves to be lethal, you just need to be a pro at doing one move.

How to win any fight

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