How To Defend Yourself From a Mugger With a Knife

There are over 350,000 personal robberies each year, and this number doesn't include the 2 million + home invasions.

At some point in your life, you will be stolen from.  

So will you be able to get out of the situation unscathed, or will you make a rookie mistake?

what to do when you're held up at knife point.

1. Give them the money

This is not a cowardly move. Life is more important than money. If someone has a knife to your throat, and you can get out of the situation by simply giving them your wallet, do so. You can get yourself a wallet with a tracker and report them immediately. 

2. Talk to the person

You might be able to talk the person into thinking rationally.  "OK, my wallet is in my pocket, do you want me to reach for it or do you want to get it?"

3. Grab the knife and turn away from the blade.

If talking doesn't work, you need to disarm the mugger. Always turn away from the blade. In this example he will use his left hand to push the knife, while rotating away. From here you can strike the attacker.

4. Once you have his knife hand secured, attack

From this position, you can now strike or pull your attacker's hair.  Do as much damage as possible.

It's important to understand that fights are not scripted.  

The first move you make is the most critical.  In this case, you need to move away from the blade, and secure the knife hand.


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