5 Survival Uses for ChapStick or Lip Balm

Who would have thought that an item you pay almost no attention to, could be critical in a survival situation?  Survival Life recently posted some great uses for Lip Balm which made me add a small tube of it to my first aid kit.

Survival Uses for Chap Stick (Lip Balm)

1. Candle or Fire Starter

Lip Balm is flammable and can be smeared on cloth or cotton balls as a torch or fire starter.

2. Medical and First Aid

We all know Lip Balm is normally used for dry, cracking lips - so you should have a stick if you're going to the desert.  It can also be used to seal small cuts, prevent blisters, and protect exposed body parts.

3. Fix Zippers

You can fix stuck zippers by running the edges of your Lip Balm over the area. This will allow the stuck or worn out zipper to glide more easily.

4. Prevents Knives and blades from rusting

Putting a thin coat of ChapStick on your knife is a great way to waterproof it against the elements. Don't use a lot, as it can build up in the cracks.

5. Waterproof seal

If you need your ZipLock bags to be waterproof, you can run a small line of ChapStick on the seam. This will add another layer of protection, keeping your bags water tight.

What other household basics can be used for survival?


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