10 Uses For Wood Ashes

When a fire burns out, you're left with a heap of grey ashes that most people just throw away. And next time you're about to toss your ashes into the dumpster, check out these life hacks you can use for your ashes.

Mental Scoop recently came up with a bunch of uses for your old wood ash.

Here are 10 uses for your wood ashes.

1. Repels Lice, Ticks and Fleas from pets - Mix ash with vinegar and spread it onto your pets fur.

2. Clothing Saver - A thin coat of ash does a better job than moth balls.  Just shake off the clothes and wash when you're ready to use.

3. Melt Ice - You can melt ice with ash due to the high salt content.


4. Water Filter - Use the charcoal to make a survival water filter.

5. Fire Extinguisher - A bucket of ash can put out small brush fires that may spring up around your camp.

6. Stored Foods - Put ash near your stored foods as a deterrent.

7. Treat Wounds - By melting homemade soap in lye water you can disinfect a wound.

8. Preserve Foods - Fill a hole with ash and put your fruits and veggies in the hole so they don't touch each other.  They will stay preserved for a long time.

9. Fertilizer - Ash works as a fertilizer by increasing the PH levels of the soil. This is one reason farmers will burn off their fields every year.

10. Ant Remover - If an ant colony has sprouted up near you, you can put ash over it.  The ants will leave the colony because they can't move the ash.

Do you have any additional uses for ash? Post them below as a comment.


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  • David on
    - Interesting article — 1 question, item 6 says ‘as a deterrent’ deterrent to what ?
  • Deborah on

    You can use hard wood ashes for lye to make homemade lye soap. You have to add them to water until a fresh egg floats.

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