4 Bugs You Can Eat for Survival

Yesterday we talked about what you could do to catch food if you didn't have the means to hunt or fish. We showed you how to make a snare trap for small game like rabbits and squirrels.  

Today we're taking it a step further by showing you a few different insects that you could survive on if hunting, fishing, and trapping wasn't on the table.

Here are 4 Insects You Can Eat for Survival

1. Grasshoppers

A grasshopper has 6 grams of protein. Before cooking remove the legs and wings from the grasshopper. You can also remove the head (optional). Cook the grasshopper by boiling in water, frying, baking on a skillet, or roast it like a marshmallow. 

2. Ants

The Honey Pot Ant is another insect that takes little prep work.  Normally you'd put them on a cookie sheet and cook them at 225 degrees Fahrenheit. In a survival situation you can use a camp fire and some aluminum foil. 100 grams worth of ants is about 14 grams of protein.

3. June Bug

June Bugs can be eaten as larvae or as matured bugs. Roast them over coals and eat them like popcorn like Native Americans did. If you have seasoning, use it, otherwise these will be pretty bland.

4. Mealworms

Mealworms are roasted and salted for an easy to make, long lasting snack. The best way to bake these is slowly (cookie sheet or aluminum foil over a fire). Then just salt and season them up the way you like them.

Sure, a baked bug won't have the taste of a Filet Mignon, but in a survival situation it will keep you alive.

If you want to read more about eating bugs in the wild, check out the eBook Survival Guide: Eating insects on Amazon.



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