How To Make a Survival Snare Trap

If you don't have the ability to hunt with a spear or bow, you can always snag small game if you've got the patience. Watch this video if you aren't familiar with tying a snare knot.

Tools you'll need:

  1. Paracord or Wire for your snare.
  2. A Knife or hatchet to cut your stakes.
  3. Patience

How to make a survival snare trap

1. Make sure you have a good location. Find choke points and animal trails that have a limited number of exits.

2. Cut up some wooden stakes, with one sharp end. This will go into the ground.

3. Create a notch around the top of your stake for your wire or paracord.

4. Tie wire around one end of your stake and make a loop big enough for your hand to fit through on the other end.  The hole will change sizes depending on the animal you're trying to catch.

5. Put your stakes into the ground near the choke points. Angle the stake so it doesn't come loose when the animals struggles.

6. Lastly, you'll want to make sure your loops are open and you've got them near your animal paths.  If you're catching squirrels, put some nuts in the area.  If you're catching rabbits, find some leafy greens.  Don't setup a trap and leave it over night as you're bound to lose your catch to another predator, or make the animal struggle for several hours which is not only cruel but can make the meat taste worse.

These are the skills our great grandparents were raised with.

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Here is the step by step snare trap video by Ultimate Survival Tips.

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