5 Survival Fire Starter Hacks When You Don't Have Matches

The are several ways to get good fuel for your fire so you can be sitting around roaring flames in no time.  Chances are, you won't have a bunch of dry newspaper laying around your campsite to get you fire started.  We'll show you 5 pieces of fire starter kindling that will work better.

You will need a fire flint of some kind to create a spark.  I've added some things that have fire rods to the end of this post.

Survival Fire Starter Hacks 

1. Birch Bark - Native Americans used Birch trees to make their canoes.  The bark on a birch tree is very stringy and flammable.  It also ignites easily.

2. Pine Tree Sap - When Pine Trees get injured they start bleeding a lot of sap.  Collect some of it with a knife or stick, and scrape some magnesium from your fire starter into it.  Sap burns hot and ignites fast.

3. Road Flare - If you've got a car kit, there's a good chance you have a flare in your vehicle.  The flare will ignite a fire quickly and you can start burning small sticks right away.  No need for kindling.

4. Duct Tape - Duct Tape can be used for just about anything.  Just wad some of it into a ball and scrape some of your fire rod onto the sticky surface.  This little ball of fire will burn long enough to ignite small to medium sized sticks.

5. Tree Moss - Dry tree moss is another fire starting material that burns better than paper.  Simply scrap some moss into a small pile and use your ferro rod to hit it with some sparks.

As I said above, you will need some kind of flint rod to get the spark.  Lucky for you, we put flint rods on our survival bracelets and survival kits, for this purpose!

Credits for the kindling tips go to Crazy Russian Hacker.


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