How to Make a Survival Water Purifier

In a perfect world, everyone would have a survival water filter in their bug out bag or glove box. But what would you do in a survival situation where your only water source is contaminated, and you didn't have a water filter of your own?

The answer is: You make one!

DIY Survival Water Purifier

What you'll need:

  • Small rocks or gravel
  • Charcoal 
  • Tissue paper or coffee filters
  • A water bottle that you can cut in half

Step 1 - Drill holes in the cap of your water bottle.  This is where your water will pass through so keep them small or pieces of your filter might get sucked through.

Step 2 - Put your paper, cloth, or coffee filter in the bottom of the bottle.  This will be the final stage of filtration.

Step 3 - Dump your clean sand and gravel into the bottle on top of your cloth / paper filter.

Step 4 - Pour your pieces of charcoal in over the gravel and sand.

Step 5 - Add another layer of small rocks over the charcoal.

Step 6 - Stuff another layer of paper or coffee filters on top of the gravel.  This will work as your pre-filter to catch large particles. 

Step 7 - Pour dirty water into your filter.  Let it rest inside a glass or canteen, and allow gravity do the rest.

Step 8 - At this point you can enjoy your water, or leave it in sunlight for a few hours.  The UV rays from the sun will kill bacteria that the filter didn't catch.


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