How To Make a Survival Candle

If you rely on lighter fluid and store bought candles eventually you're going to have to re-stock.  But with a survival candle, you've got an almost limitless supply of Spruce Tree resin, and once you know how to utilize it, you'll never need to buy another candle again.

Candles and small stoves are important, not just for light, but for medical reasons as well.  Sterilizing and cauterizing wounds is much more difficult when you're working with a big fire.

How To Make a Survival Candle and Mini Survival Stove

The first thing you need to do is take stock of the supplies you'll need.

- Spruce Tree Resin

- Candle wick (paracord or rope)

- Candle holder (bottom of can or any type of tubing

- Metal or aluminum foil to melt resin

Step 1 - collect resin from a spruce tree.  This will not harm the tree. Resin is highly flammable and will work as our base.

Step 2 - Put your resin into a pan and heat it over a fire until it becomes liquid.

Step 3 - Soak your wick or paracord in the resin until it's saturated.

Step 4 - Secure your wick in your candle casing. This can be an old tube or soda can.

Step 5 - Pour the melted resin into your candle casing.

Step 6 - Let the resin dry.

Step 7 - Light your candle, you're done!

Eventually, the flames will ignite all of the resin. The small can candle burned hot for an hour. These can also be used as miniature stoves to cook food or tea.

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