Eight Great Tips to Utilize Every Part of Your Wild Game

Growing up we we're taught how Native Americans used every bart of a buffalo, from the hide to the hooves. In modern times however, we very rarely utilize every part of an animal. If you were in a survival situation, would you know what to repurpose on wild game? There are hundreds of uses, but here is a list to get you started.

#1 Bones and Antler

Can make excellent soup stock, the marrow can be harvested and used in your food. Bone can be used to make needles, awls, knives, fish hooks, arrowheads, jewelry buttons and so much more. You can also compost bones as fertilizer.

#2 Offal

Offal includes organ meat and entrails. Certain organs like the heart, pancreas, and liver can be eaten and are considered delicacies in certain areas. Intestines if cleaned properly and dried out can be used for sausage, or you can twist and dry them to be used as cord. You can go as far as using the stomach or bladder for water storage if processed correctly.  

#3 Head, Skull and Teeth

The head can be cleaned for stew or soup stock. The brain can be used to tan hides. The teeth can be used as jewelry or buttons. They can also be ground to make your own type of sand paper. 

#4 Fat

Fat can be used in cooking to add extra calories, particularly useful in a survival situation. You can render the fat to also make fuel for torches or use as a lubricant for machines.

#5 Feathers

You can gather down for bedding or clothing and use other feathers for fishing lures. Feathers can also be split down the vein and attached to arrows for fletching.

#6 Hooves

Hooves are a bit tricky to use but can be processed into glue, gelatin or oil.

#7 Tendons/Sinew

Sinew makes excellent cordage and can be used for lacing and sewing. Since it can be absorbed by the body, when properly processed and sterilized it can be used for sutures. You can also use it on the outer layer of your shelter to help waterproof your material.

#8 Urine

Empty the bladder and use the urine to help remove hair on hide for leathermaking. If you shot a female game animal you can also save the urine to use as a lure. 

Thanks to Off the Grid News for some great ideas on the subject. 

Get creative, and use the resources mother nature has provided around you. Happy trails!

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