5 Plants That Heal - Survival Tips When Hospitals Aren't an Option

Last year NASA said the biggest threat to mankind wasn't an invading country, or terrorist organizations - it's catching a disease or infection when you have no means to cure yourself.

So you're saying to yourself "yea, I would just go to the hospital if that happened." 

Could you though?  After a natural disaster, take a look at how over crowded emergency rooms are. A bunch of sick and injured people packed into a room like Sardines, and prone to infection. No thanks.

Plants That Heal 

Thankfully you did your homework, and now you know how to treat yourself if you or your family gets injured and the ER is not an option.

Aloe - For fire burns, sunburns, cuts, scrapes and gashes. Make a butterfly cut and use the leaf as a sponge when applying it to your skin.

Chamomile - Ingest this plant in a tea for stress release and relaxation (yes natural disasters can be stressful.) You can also rub the tea on your skin for bites, stings, and poison oak.

Garlic - For fungal infections, bites, stings, and even acne - put the garlic on a band-aid and put it on the affected are. You can also ingest it to get rid of a cold or the flu.

Mint - This plant can be used as a topical anesthetic. Specifically to numb painful areas or toothaches.

Sage - You can use Sage to treat gum disease and inflammations or canker soars around the mouth. The plant can be ingested as a tea to improve memory.

When SHTF or a natural disaster wrecks your city, you'll want to know how nature can heal you before taking chances in the ER.


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