5 Survival Uses for Leaves

Nature is amazing, and if we pay attention to the resources and tools she makes available to us, we can overcome many difficult situations.

Here are 5 survival uses for leaves.

#1 Rope

Having cordage in a survival situation can make your life a lot easier. If you have access to any type of fibrous plant like Yucca or Cattails, you can make a great rope just using leaves!

#2 Tinder

Dry leaves make excellent tinder, and making a tight bundle can allow you to carry an ember a long distance.


#3 Baskets, Matts, Doors

Leaves from a variety of plants can be woven in to about anything you can imagine, from baskets to shelter walls. So get creative!


 #4 Insulation

Leaves are natures perfect insulate material to make a barrier between you and the cold ground and cold air around you.


#5 Natures Tin Foil or Kitchenware

From plates to bowls leaves can be refashioned in all sorts of ways. Using leaves as a substitute for foil in the wilderness will allow you to cook your meat on the coals of your fire with ease!


 Get out there and get creative will all the tools and resources nature has to offer, happy trails!


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