How To Make a Compass from a Paperclip in 3 Easy Steps

If you lose your sense of direction in the woods, you could spend the day walking in circles until you run out of water. If you do get lost, you can make a simple survival compass in 3 simple steps.

Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a compass out of a paperclip. 

You will need a small cup of water, a leaf, a metal striker such as a file or pocket knife, and a paper clip.

That's it? Yes.

#1 Bend or cut paperclip down to the size of a needle

#2 Strike paperclip towards the point 50 to 100 times in the same direction. This should magnetize the paperclip. 

#3 Place the now magnetized paperclip on the leaf, and after a few seconds, it should give you true north! 

Here's the tutorial on this compass and some more awesome uses for paperclips!

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