11 Medical Supplies You Can Get At The Dollar Store

You can usually get a fully stocked first aid kit for about $20. But if you're on a budget, you can head to a Dollar Tree or Dollar store to make one for even cheaper.

One of the good things about making your own emergency kit is that you can choose what goes into your kit, and you can customize it based on your needs and location.

Here are 11 medical supplies you can pick up for 1 dollar or less

1. Gauze

Wrap sprained ankles and keep bandages secure with gauze.

2. Medical Tape

Medical tape, and waterproof tape is crucial for keeping dressings and splints in place, even in the rain. 

3. Finger Splint

You can make one of these with a popsicle stick and some tape but finding a quality finger splint for $1 is a steal.

4. Instant Cold Pack

The endothermic reaction in these packs allows them to get cold without needing a freezer.

5. Generic Benadryl 

Antihistamine for allergies, swelling from bites, and sleep aid.

6. Pill Crusher

Elderly people sometimes have issues taking their medication if the pills are too large. A crusher for a buck is a good investment. A waterproof pill carrier is helpful but unfortunately, you won't find one for $1.

7. Puppy Pads

For heavy bleeding, or if someone gives birth, puppy pads have the best containment and absorption features.

8. Hot Patches

Hot packs are good for basic first aid, sore muscles and strained tendons. These do not need a microwave to heat.

9. Airborne Packets

These packets provide the all of the daily vitamins your body needs and then some. Giving you a blast of Vitamin C and 13 other vitamins, minerals, and herbs during your busy day. Ward off sickness before it sets in.

10. Mucus Relief and Cough Suppressant

Being able to function when you're sick is important and often overlooked when putting a first aid kit together.

11. Carrying Case 

You can grab one of these plastic hard cases. They're waterproof and eye catching. With a marker, you can write "First Aid Kit" on it.


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